Run Your Own F*cking Infrastructure


Why should you run your own fucking infrastructure? mc.Fly of CCC and Milliways starts his talk with a list of arguments. For one, using services like Gmail and Hotmail means giving governments access to your data. And then there is all the stuff a provider can do to your data. They may cancel their service … [Read more…]

Broken simcards

Simcards are arguably the most widespread hardware devices on this globe. Finding a leak and exploiting that could have an enormous impact. Linus N gave a workshop on an overview of recent the leak found on simcards. In essence, simcards can be reporgrammed by providers to update them. This is done trough so-called OTA messages, … [Read more…]



Niels ten Oever of Free Press Unlimited introduce the StoryMaker Android app. StoryMaker provides an editing suite for citizen journalists as well as lessons about storytelling and security. To get a better idea of what StoryMaker is watch the video below. Niels: “I am not going to give the standard product placement pitch here. Instead … [Read more…]