Broken simcards

Simcards are arguably the most widespread hardware devices on this globe. Finding a leak and exploiting that could have an enormous impact. Linus N gave a workshop on an overview of recent the leak found on simcards. In essence, simcards can be reporgrammed by providers to update them. This is done trough so-called OTA messages, … [Read more…]

CryptoParty like a rockstar

In a small yet busy setting, Ancilla Tilia and Arjen Kamphuis gave a workshop on organising cryptoparties.  Through a small poll at the beginning, it was immediately clear that the crowd was diverse. From verteran cryptoparty organisers to laymen (to which I adhere).  In the unstructured setting, a lively discussion flourished on the essentials of cryptoparties. Although the opinions … [Read more…]

Whistleblowing Revolution: Social, Technology and Research Perspectives

It is very interesting to see how whistleblowing has taken such a central role in so called hacktivism circles. In recent times we have witnessed many whistleblowers that, even sometimes risking serious consequences, have decided to expose the truth in the public interest. Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Bill Binnie, Jesselyn Radack, … [Read more…]