Bits of Freedom: Four Years After HAR2009

Ot van Daalen and Rejo Zenger

Bits of Freedom was relaunched at HAR2009 four years ago. This morning the Dutch digital rights organization presented what has happened in the last four years. In 2009 the sense of urgency was high: the data retention law was being implemented, biometric fingerprints in passports were to be introduced and stored in a centralized database, … [Read more…]

Assange on Intellectual and Moral Integrity

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, in his political-attack-surface-minimizing outfit, was pretty straight about it at OHM on Wednesday night: technologists who are involved in the exploit market or academics renting out their allegiance to the transnational surveillance state should not get any intellectual or moral respect. Smart people have many opportunities in life and moral people don’t whore … [Read more…]

OHM’s Opening Ceremony

Gmc (Koen Martens) opened OHM 2013 by talking about how we are all snooped on by government who are desperate to find what he called “statistical terrorists”. He wanted to know what we are going to do about this. If we know that end-to-end encryption is needed, why isn’t it part of the core architecture … [Read more…]

A digital whistleblowing roundtable


Looking at the submissions we had so far, we can only say one thing, we really put the resistance back in OHM. From open source cryptography to makerspaces, from citizen reporting trainings to a very special roundtable discussion on whistleblowing. Especially digital whistleblowing. A changing game Digital whistleblowing was has been around for a really … [Read more…]