Noisy Square: a spontaneous and autonomous organization

The dust has had it’s time to settle. Just a little over a month ago we pitched our tents, had four days of intense collaboration and abandoned this temporal physical space. Already during OHM2013 it was clear that the Noisy Square had struck a chord with many and there seems no reason why N² should remain an one time event. Great plans for the near future are already being discussed and 30C3 is the one and main word.


The Noisy Square Village – Picture by Matteo Flora –

But before looking forward, let’s look back a little. Because, foremost we’d like to use this space to express our gratitude to all those that made N² happen. We had a great bunch of indispensable volunteers who worked relentlessly to make the N² flourish and be as excellent as it was. From the media team (who filled with content) to the cooking crew (that kept everyone happy and fed), from the sound and light engineers to all those volunteers doing stuff spontaneously because they deemed it necessary  The network was build without anyone telling it had to be done, two girls who wanted to buy a t-shirt found no-one was selling them and volunteered to do so themselves for many hours, people mounted televisions, made a radio studio (and recorded all the talks), cleaned up and played tunes. The community was taking care of itself in a wonderful way and it seems this experience can serve as a blueprint for future gatherings. The level of autonomous and spontaneous organization was staggering. You were all indispensable and made life for the organizers a walk in the park.

But let’s not forget this other great thing that helped the Noisy Square; OHM2013. During the festival many people asked us how we had been able to arrange it all in only two months. Our answer was that is was only possible because we didn’t have to arrange it all. The entire infrastructure build by OHM2013 volunteers, from the toilets to the tickets sales, from the wires to the permits and from the build-up to the tear-down was what made the N² possible. A small army of volunteers had been working around the clock to provide a soft landing for villages like to Noisy Square. We are very happy we could build from these solid foundations and like to thank all the OHM2013 volunteers for making this possible.

Let’s work together again and see you all at 30C3!