OHM’s Opening Ceremony

Gmc (Koen Martens) opened OHM 2013 by talking about how we are all snooped on by government who are desperate to find what he called “statistical terrorists”. He wanted to know what we are going to do about this. If we know that end-to-end encryption is needed, why isn’t it part of the core architecture of the Internet yet. Why isn’t it usable for lay people?

The “sniffers” know so much about us, because we are just ginving them our data by using cloud services like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Gmc suggested we should quit on all that nonsense together. On stage he disabled his Twitter account right there and then. He will quite Facebook too and can be found on the open and distributed Diaspora for which OHM is running a pod.

Next he touched on the criticism surrounding the way the event was organized. His solution to that problem is simple: it is Wiki. Everything about the event has been public and anybody had (and still has) the opportunity to help out and be part in shaping the event. So if you see a dirty toilet, you have to remember: it is a wiki, you can fix it.

Gmc finished the talk by telling us to “Go out and create crypto for the masses.”