Whistleblowing Revolution: Social, Technology and Research Perspectives

It is very interesting to see how whistleblowing has taken such a central role in so called hacktivism circles. In recent times we have witnessed many whistleblowers that, even sometimes risking serious consequences, have decided to expose the truth in the public interest.

Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Bill Binnie, Jesselyn Radack, are perhaps the most representative actors of such whistleblowing revolution.

There are many people that are contributing to this movement, even if less publicly exposed. For example academic and research circles are coming up with new technologies and diverse approaches to whistleblowing. Hackers and security experts are also trying to practically implement these theoretical ideas.

People from all these different environments are going to be present at OHM2013 and hopefully all together we will come up with new ways to promote and engage others in whistleblowing, since this is such a pressing issue that affects our society. There is no better tool for fighting corruption, a very effective means of spotting malpractice.

There are people out there that wish they could blow the whistle on some wrongdoing securely and anonymous. The technology exists and the right energies to make this happen are all here. We should find ways to work together to use these tools as effectively as possible to open governments by enforcing transparency through anonymous whistleblowing.

Setting up a Whistleblowing initiatives may not be as simple and easy as it appears, as you need to properly consider various different aspects of it. It’s not just installing an anonymous dropbox.

At Noisy2 there will be a panel on whistleblowing, to let those actors meet and improve their collaborations and views on the future.

Here at Noisy2 we will also host a workshop from GlobaLeaks on how to setup a whistleblowing site and talk on the experience of Associated Whistleblowing Press.

During OHM2013 there will be many other lectures, workshop, panel and meeting on whistleblowing.

Below you can check the crowded events of the program on whistleblowing related things:

Day 1 :

– 16.00 T1 : Whistleblowing in the Digital Age – What the public thinks
– 18.00 Noisy2-1 : Whistleblowing nowawdays and the Associated Whistleblowing Press
– 22.00 T1 : WikiLeaks fights on
Day 2 :
– 21.00 T4 : Privacy by design: Building websites that maintain privacy while still getting the message out

– 22.00 T4 : Underground: The Julian Assange Story
Day 3 :
– 13.00 T3 : Digital Whistleblowing with GlobaLeaks
– 14.00 T4 : ADLeaks, a Secure Submission System for Online Whistleblowing Platforms
– 15.00 Noisy2-1 : Setting up Whistleblowing or Leaking initiatives with GlobaLeaks
– 16.00 Noisy2-1 : Digital Whistleblowing Roundtable

The hacker’s community stand-up to power up anonymous whistleblowers to make the world a better place to stay, having a lot of LOL .

The Hermes Center at Noisy2 (GlobaLeaks Project!)